Well, it has been 378 days since I last opened one of these pages to share my thoughts with the world. 9072 hours (+/- 10) since I have taken the time to deliberately sit down and share what is going on in this head of mine. For the New Year, like everyone else, I have a resolution: to be more intentional about writing. I have been told that I sometimes have great insights that I should get down on paper so more people can read them, meditate on them, and perhaps adopt them. I also like the feedback. Agree or disagree, I always want feedback.

Now, on to today’s thoughts:

Over the next week or so, especially on NYE, there will be all kinds of talk about resolutions. People all over this country, perhaps the world, will talk about how they are going to do better next year, do more next year, lose weight next year, smile more, spend less, share often…whatever. Every year we hear the same talk. We say the same things ourselves. However, how often do we actually achieve that goal? How many people see their resolutions fall flat within a few weeks? How many made that gym commitment stretch all. the. way. to the summer only to give up? How many were able to smile and be charitable and kind and positive…right up until that first time they were running late to work and the (insert expletives of your choice) other drivers wouldn’t move fast enough? I would submit the following for your consideration:

A. Everyone’s resolutions fail. 100%.

B. They fail because they are poorly conceived and unsupported by reality.

Now, I’m sure someone is going to tell me that they have kept so-and-so resolution for years now. That’s great! I am truly happy for you! However, I am speaking in broader terms. I believe all resolutions fail. Mine have all failed. I try and try again, but they never hold true for very long. I think we are all in the same boat for a number of reasons. I think arrogance is one; we grossly overestimate our ability to commit to something. Clutter is yet another. Our lives are simply too cluttered and, I think, our brains cannot handle one more thing to remember. Poor conception is another problem in this resolution “game.” The person who overeats due to an emotional attachment or other psychological attachment is simply not going to have a great deal of success losing weight simply by saying, “I am going to lose weight this year.” Sorry. It. Will. Not. Happen. Ask me how I know. A person dealing with serious, deep-seated emotional hurt will not necessarily be able to “become a nicer/better/more positive person” just by saying so. The brain is far too complex for that. These kinds of head and heart problems do not appear to simply resolve themselves because we say they should. They require help, sometimes from professionals. At the very least, they require help from friends. I have heard it said that you should keep your goals a secret. I wholeheartedly and emphatically disagree. Sure, if you have an idea you are trying to patent, perhaps it is best to keep your circle of trust small. If you are trying to become a better person, the WORST thing you can do is keep your efforts and your struggle a secret. Tell someone. Tell everyone. Friends, trusted co-workers, family…let them know that you are working on something and need their help and input. It will most certainly be uncomfortable. I know. I am working with a personal trainer to get back in shape and it is hard to reach out and ask for help. Hell, my weight is a definite health concern and I STILL fought asking for help. Guys, find a circle that will support you, especially with prayer, as you take steps towards whatever goals you are trying to accomplish.

I will leave y’all with one final thought: if you try to achieve a goal and find that it is does not come to fruition, do not lose heart or hope; REJOICE-for in Christ, my dear brothers and sisters, you are a NEW CREATION! The old you is long, long gone.

Have a Happy and Blessed..and SAFE New Years, y’all!


Love and PeACE always in Him




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